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The Eisner Family Timeline

Before 1860, European Beginnings

Before 1860, European Beginnings

Bohemia in Europe

January, 1856 - Bertha Weiss is born in Pernartitz, Bohemia
1857 - Bertha and her mother immigrate to America to join her father
February 14, 1859 - Sigmund Eisner is born in Horazdowitz, Bohemia

Bohemia close up

1880's - Eisners Begin Life in Red Bank

1880's - Eisners Begin Life in Red Bank

SS Werra       SS Werra Caption

1881 - At age 22, Sigmund Eisner travels through Hamburg Germany and arrives in New York.  

S. Eisner goes to Newark to see his uncle, Jacob Eisner (who was instrumental in bringing most of the Eisner immigrants to Newark) and his cousin Henry. 

Sigmund Eisner settled in Keyport; the Salz family friends, help him as he earns a living as a peddler of sewing supplies and notions, eventually adding a horse and cart

Red Bank Map                    Temple of Fashion
S. Eisner moves to Red Bank and meets Max Weiss, son of Elias and Hannah who own a successful millinery store

January, 1886 - Sigmund Eisner marries Bertha Weiss

Sigmund and Bertha Eisner settle on Mechanic Street, Red Bank, where Bertha sets up a sewing machine and starts making clothes

H. Raymond, eldest son is born in late 1886. 3 more Eisner sons are born: 1889 - J. Lester, 1893 - Monroe, and 1894 - A. Victor

1895-1920 The Sigmund Eisner Uniform and Clothing Factory Grows and Prospers

1895-1920 The Sigmund Eisner Uniform and Clothing Factory Grows and Prospers

1895 - Eisner family and business move to Wallace Street
Jan. - April, 1896 - S. Eisner purchases Gill Bakery, on Wallace Street, and refurbishes it as a garment factory
April, 1989 - Eisner factory receives first government contract, making white duck suits for the Army
1902 - Sigmund Eisner purchases the Henry Field property

Eisner factory          Sigmund Eisner at work

1905 - The Sigmund Eisner Uniform & Clothing Factory is built on Bridge Avenue in Red Bank

Factory Fire

November, 1906 - Major fire at the Factory
December, 1906 - Factory is rebuilt with added safety features such as sprinkler system

Boy Scout Uniform article

November, 1911 - Eisner Factory signs major contract with Boy Scouts of America
1913 - Addition to factory is built
1914 - 1915 - Factory receives large government order for uniforms
1916 - Over 37 miles of cloth are used daily at the Eisner Factory!
1917 - Factory expands to take up additional buildings

Largest factory

July, 1918 - Eisner Factory is now the world’s largest producer of uniforms

Sigmund and Bertha Eisner Family Activities

Sigmund and Bertha Eisner Family Activities

Front St. House

1906 - Eisners move into 16 room home on Front Street

Eisner siblings

1909 - Eisners visit Bohemia for first time in several years, Sigmund Eisner and siblings above.
January 1911 - The Eisners celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary

25 Anniversary

August, 1918 - Jewish Relief Campaign

January, 1925 - Sigmund Eisner passes away
1936 - Bertha Eisner passes away
1937 - Eisner home is donated to Red Bank for use as a public library



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